High-Performance Solutions

Welcome to WoodFinishesPlus.com! As our name implies, our focus is to provide you with only the best solutions when it comes to all aspects of finishing wood (PLUS other) surfaces! Our solutions include:

Surface Prep & Repair

From grain fillers to mechanical and manual sanding tools and abrasives to professional wood fillers, body fillers and glaze coats. Whether you plan to stain/glaze and clear or prime and paint, we have what you need when it comes to surface preparation & repair. View All Products >

Coatings & Finish Systems

We offer professional finish solutions for everything from cabinets and casework to high-performance exterior systems in both stain and paint systems.  Whatever you need for your next wood finishing project, we’ve got you covered. View All Products >

Sanding & Polishing

Whether you are preparing your substrate, inter-coat sanding, or buffing and polishing your final masterpiece – we have what you need when it comes to manual and mechanical sanding, abrading, buffing and polishing. View All Products >

Spray Equipment

No matter the size of the job, we offer everything from gravity-fed and siphon-fed guns, to dual diaphragm pumps, pressure pots, air-assisted airless solutions and everything in between. We offer what you need to help achieve the type of finish that is worthy of showing off all your hard work. View All Products >

Service Parts, Accessories & Sundries

We make it simple to find the service parts, accessories and sundries you need to help keep your project running as smoothly as possible. From needles & nozzles to rebuild- and cleaning-kits to cone strainers, stain rags and sponges to gloves and mixing cups PLUS a whole lot more! We also have a few exceptional specialty items we think you will like, so take a look around! View All: Service Parts | Accessories | Sundries