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Overview: Milesi 2K Water-based System

For decades European wood coatings technology – particularly that coming out of Italy – has led the charge in overall performance and user experience. And a quick internet search will show you that Milesi’s waterborne wood coatings system for cabinets and casework is considered the “Gold Standard” by those who have first hand experience using it.

That said, Milesi is not the only game in town. There are certainly other great products on the market. So what makes Milesi’s system so desirable?

Ease of Use

Compared to other professional finishes, these products excel in the key areas a finisher is looking for including: flow-out/leveling, vertical hang, color coverage, film build and finally, is much less finicky than other finish systems.


It is no coincidence that the most demanding finish applications use 2K technology and that many industries (including automotive and wood flooring) transitioned to 2K waterborne technology years ago. This type of technology is why Milesi finishes (HKR/HKA for solid colors and HGA for clears) offer durability that exceeds most other technologies – including solvent-based post-cats and CVs (conversion varnishes).

Milesi’s excellent HBT7A01 universal primer is unique in that it is not catalyzed, yet it can be topcoated with a wide array of finishes – including solvent based pre- and post-cat lacquers as well as Milesi 2K solvent based finishes.


We all know wood moves. There is no way to avoid it. As temperature and humidity changes, wood expands and contracts. At the same time, many traditional wood finishes (especially solvent based pre- and post-cats) are designed to dry very had. This means these finishes don’t like to move and is why small cracks form, for example, between the stile and rail of cabinet doors. Milesi finishes are much more forgiving when it comes to wood movement and are therefore far less prone to cracking.

Complete Systems

Milesi offers a complete water-based system for both the cabinet maker and the cabinet refinisher. Including:

They also offer unique products such as their “Natural Effect” 2K dead flat waterborne finish that offers the look of an oiled finish with the durability of a 2K floor finish.

We hope this information was helpful. Let us know of any future topics you would like us to cover in the comments section and please share any experiences you have had using the Milesi products.

Thanks for reading!

Available Milesi Water-based Products:

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