Mirka DE-1230-PC Hepa Vacuum Dust Extractor 120V


The Mirka DE-1230-PC Dust Remover Vacuum is HEPA certified and is designed to be used with any of Mirka’s dustless sanding systems. Mirka’s dust extraction technology has three layers of dust protection. This dust removing vacuum provides a clean and healthy environment and significantly reduces clean up time.


The Mirka DE-1230-PC Hepa Vacuum Dust Extractor 120V is a HEPA certified dust extractor is designed to be an integral part of Mirka’s dust-free sanding systems. This model features Push & Clean (PC) filtering system for easy filter cleaning to extend life of motor and provide better performance.

Features three layers of dust protection and filtration for a safer working environment including fleece dust bag, flat filter and HEPA filter.

It is ideal for use in combination with both Mirka’s electric and pneumatic tools as well as ergonomic hand-sanding blocks. It has a high-performance motor and turbine, which creates 250 mbar vacuum and 4500 l/min air flow. The AutoStart function increases the lifetime of the motor and reduces noise.

Additional information

Weight 41.151 lbs
Dimensions 31.26 × 15.512 × 25.236 in


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